3 Things To Look For In A Garage

If you are in the market for a Delray Beach single family home it is important to remember it is very different from a Delray Beach Condo.  Homes and condos have different maintenance needs and associations to care for those needs.  One HOA may include roof maintenance while another does not.  One condo may have monthly pest control, while another does not.  Over time these types of differences can make a big difference, particularly if a previous owner did not always stay on top of the needed maintenance.

Also make sure to check out the neighborhood you are interested in, both online and by take a few drives.

When looking for a new place, make sure you take the time to evaluate the entire home - including the garage.  Although the garage might not be part of your daily living area, you store some of your most valuable possessions in this space.  To make sure that your vehicle, tools, and seasonal items are both protected and accessible, keep reading for three tips to help you make sure your future garage will serve you well.Delray Beach Single Family Home

A Dry, Level Space

A good garage stays dry.  A leaky roof or overflowing drain puts your family's valuables at risk.  Look for signs of water damage.  These include watermarks on the ceiling or walls, warping on window and door sills, and traces of mold and mildew.  You should also take a close look at the garage floor.  Cracking or uneven concrete could be a sign of serious foundation problems that might require costly repairs.  Also check under any carpet or rubber flooring that has been put on top of the concrete, you don't want a nasty surprise AFTER you have moved in!

Garage Cabinets For Easy Storage

Garage cabinets (or enough space to have them installed) are a must.  Garages can quickly become disorganized, and garage cabinets help reduce clutter.  Another benefit is that cabinets provide another layer of protection against dirt and bugs, which can infiltrate even well-maintained garage spaces.  There are also safety reasons to use garage cabinets, as they can keep dangerous chemicals and tools out of the reach of children.  Lockable cabinets are a good idea if there are children who might occasionally enter the garage.

An Easy Entrance and Exit

You should also make sure that you can quickly pull your vehicle into and out of the garage.  This is especially important if you are purchasing an older home since modern cars are often much larger than they used to be.  If you are concerned your car might not fit, take measurements both of the entrance and the inside space.  Check the garage door as well to make sure that it opens and closes without a problem.  A garage door can be a costly investment, especially when you were not expecting to replace it.

Many homeowners overlook the importance of the garage when on the market for a new property.  This can be a mistake that leads to costly repairs or even an unusable space.  Make sure that your garage is structurally sound, free from water damage, has room for cabinets, and has plenty of space for your vehicle.  With preparation and a little luck, your garage will work so well you'll never need to think about it again.


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