6 Ways To Avoid Expensive Home Repairs And Replacements Each Year

Boca Raton Single Family HomeAll homeowners know that keeping their Delray Beach home in excellent shape goes beyond the initial cost of buying.  The best home protection plan relies on maintenance.  By getting a home warranty, regular inspections and repairs large and costly issues can be prevented.  The following are a few things to keep in mind, whether you’re purchasing a new home or trying to maintain the one you have.

1) Home warranty

According to Landmark, damages and repairs are inevitable.  A home's major appliances and systems, such as electric, AC, and plumbing, will eventually break down.  Homeowners insurance won’t cover these types of repairs or replacement costs unless caused by a natural disaster or major incident.  A home warranty can protect you from having to pay completely out of pocket when it comes to maintaining your home.

2) Inspect Your HVAC System

Check on the heat ventilation and air conditioning system on a regular basis.  Remember to change air filters every three months.  A professional HVAC technician will tighten electrical connections, clean coils, lubricate any moving parts, check for leaks, replace coolants, and check all of your gas connections every six months.

3) Protect Against Water Damage

Water leakage will damage any surface it comes in contact with, plus the inevitable dangerous molds will lead to other losses.  Look out for things like a sudden spike in your water bill, noisy pipes or rusty water.  You should also keep an eye on your water heater.  Water heaters last between 10 to 15 years before needing a replacement, so check the age and have the anode rod replaced every year to reduce corrosion.

4) Prevent Fire Damage

Fire damage is the costliest of all home expenses.  Leading causes of fires in the home include cooking, heating, and electrical malfunction.  Hire a licensed electrician to Inspect electric wires for any suspected exposed wires and circuits, particularly if breakers or fuses seem to blow easily.

5) Avoid Costly Foundation Repairs

If the soil contracts or expands too much, then your the structure will weaken.  Soil moisture is a major cause of foundation problems and we can have plenty of that in South Florida.  Hence, conduct preventative maintenance like cleaning gutters regularly, since clogged gutters will pour water on the side of the house.  Moreover, your water spouts should direct water 5 to 10 feet from the house foundation.

6) Replace the Roof

A good roof should last between 20 to 25 years.  A significant cause of roof failure is installation mistakes which can cause blisters.  Blisters are a result of gases like water vapor trapped in the roofing system after being heated by the sun.  Other causes of roof damage are debris which might puncture the roof.  You should also avoid walking on the roof, if at all possible.


The best home protection plan should include regular inspection by a professional.  Also, Regular maintenance can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs down the road.

No matter if you are thinking of living in your Boca Raton home for many years to come, or simply waiting for that "dream home", all homes will sell for more and quicker if they have been well maintained.

Katy Moraskie
Katy Moraskie
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