Six Home Additions that Add a Little More Luxury

We all love to return to our Delray Beach home or condo after a hard day.  Kick back, relax, maybe have a glass of wine.  However coming home to a messy, cluttered, or stressful home environment is anything but relaxing.  Making your home a haven can be  a lifetime of work updating and tweaking.  However there are a few ways you can turn your home into an even more luxurious space, and one you’ll definitely look forward to come home to.

1. Install a Swimming Pool

This is the ultimate, isn't it?  If you live in a single family home in Delray this may be a great addition.  A swimming pool will help keep you fit when you can’t run and cool you off on hot days.  There's nothing like a morning swim where the sun dances across the water and the birds sing in the trees.  It's also a great way to inspire your friends to come over more often for outdoor parties and get togethers.


2. Install a Hot Tub

Maybe you don't have the money or the space for a pool.  A hot tub is a great alternative addition to any home.  You can enjoy that glass of wine or beer while relaxing in the warm bubbles.  Of course hot tubs are especially great in cold-weather climates and can be used year-round, but many South Floridians enjoy the relaxing effects as well. According to the Rocky Mountain Hot Tub Company, customizable tub options are often the most popular in their showrooms.


3. Add a Jacuzzi Tub

Perhaps you want to keep your luxury all to yourself.  Installing a jacuzzi tub in your personal bathroom is the perfect way to get a little peace and privacy while relaxing in the water.  Bath salts and bombs will add a fragrant aspect to this wonderful experience.


4. Add a Wine Cellar

In South Florida we do not have "cellars" per se, but a small wine room is becoming quite a popular addition.  If you add a wine room to your home, you'll be able to enjoy the luxury of collecting new and different types of wine and champagne.  This will definitely be an attraction for guests, and the experience will be as educational as it is delicious.


5. Add a Porch

If you prefer dry land, adding a porch means you'll be able to install a swing, just like in the old days, and have a place to hang out outside that’s all to yourself.  It's also a great place to host a party or sit and watch the world go by.


6. Add an Alfresco Kitchen

If you have a large outdoor space an alfresco kitchen might be a great addition to your home.  Being able to fully enjoy the sun and outdoors, even while you prepare dinner, is a fantastic way to relax at the end of the day.  These outdoor kitchens are currently all the rage in Australia, and they offer a great way to extend your living area as well as providing an ideal place for entertaining outdoors.


Whatever you choose, you deserve to experience luxury at home.  Whether you're more interested in spending time in the water or on dry land, there are options available at every price point.  The luxurious relaxation on offer means you'll love coming home.

Katy Moraskie
Katy Moraskie
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